05 July 2015

Savannah College of Art & Design Museum

SCAD Museum, Savannah, GA 
I paid a quick first visit to the SCAD Art Museum in Savannah this weekend. I say quick because that is all it took. I was pleased to find them open on the holiday weekend but they had most of their main galleries closed for updates and offered a discounted admission. What they did have on display was pretty impressive!

Vivienne Westwood Exhibition: 'Dress Up Story – 1990 Until Now' The exhibition design takes inspiration from an eccentric English party: “A postmodern romp of a weekend party where the swells meet the activists, where the rogues go vogue, and the vogues go rogue," Talley said. Selections from SCAD Museum of Art’s Earle W. Newton collection of British and American paintings hung salon-style create a backdrop for the revolutionary flair of Westwood’s designs. Westwood added, “Our costumes are romantic and theatrical, inspired by history. We know the characters they belong to. Whoever chooses to wear them recreates the clothes in her own image, making them classics. She inhabits a parallel world — like this one but more ideal. Andreas and I have been designing for 25 years, living and working together. It’s our story. We always dress up.”
This exhibition is curated by André Leon Talley.


04 July 2015

Savannah - holiday weekend trip

Savannah, Georgia
I have already made the most of my July 4th holiday weekend - thank you America! Savannah is just over 100 miles down the coast and a perfect weekend get-away. Stretching the budget we stayed at a Courtyard Marriott midtown and then found a deal for Friday night at the Inn at Ellis Square in the historic district. Good planning!

Checking my phone step counter yesterday we walked over ten miles - parking at Forsyth Park and heading all the way to the river and back exploring all the beautiful garden squares along the way. We ate a praline on the river walk, visited the city cemetery, St. Johns Cathedral, the SCAD shop and museum and splurged on the Old Pink House for dinner. This morning we did a drive through Bonaventure Cemetery and visited friends before heading back to Charleston. Thanks Savannah!

Happy July 4th everyone!

Historic Savannah
The Waving Girl statue, Savannah
Forsyth Park Fountain, Savannah, GA

01 July 2015

Now we are three - leopard tripletts

People's Building, Broad St., Charleston, SC  
I always stop to say hello to the leopard statues in front of the People's building on Broad St. if I am in the area. I was heart broken when vandals destroyed one of them and pleased when the talented folks at the American College of the Building Arts built a new one to keep the twin company. Yesterday I learned on facebook that both of the leopards outside are new replicas and the original is safely protected inside the building.

Wikipedia: Mullaly installed the two white marble leopards at the main entrance. Carved from Italian marble by an unknown 18th-century artist, the leopards were brought to Charleston from an estate near Boston, Mass. In 1990, a plan was approved by the Board of Architectural Review which would have replaced the leopards with gas lamps, but the plan was not executed. The leopards were removed for repair in 2003 and reinstalled the following year. In June 2011, the leopard on the right of the entrance was destroyed by vandalism. The remaining statue was moved indoors, and both were reproduced in 2013 by Kevin McLean, an art student at the College of Charleston.

Facebook: Professor Simeon Warren with help from incoming freshman Josiah Vice installed the People's Building lion statue in their lobby today. Simeon created the base to house the one surviving statue safely in the lobby. (photo below from their facebook site)

30 June 2015

On the road - Mudcat Festival

Dunnville Veterinary Clinic, Mudcat Festival Parade, Ontario, Canada
I am taking you out of the lowcountry again with this evening's photos. My recent trip to Canada was timed to arrive at the Perry family reunion which this year was being held at my brother Bob and wife Elaine's home in Dunnville, Ontario. My brother is a Veterinarian and it happened to be on the same weekend as the Mudcat Festival.

My brother Roger's Perry Trucking company truck pulled the Vet clinic float, assorted nephews and my son rode in the truck cab and the rest of the family waited along the parade route to whoop and holler. Woohoo! I want a parade and fireworks show for every family reunion. It couldn't have been more perfect.


29 June 2015

Stop! She has ruined me

She has Ruined Me, Charleston, SC  
Don't deface public property. You know that.

But if you do, write an entire book on a street sign.

I can't be everywhere but luckily I have spies roaming the lowcountry saying to themselves, "Joan would like this!" Thanks Dr. G!

Our Nation's Mayor

Spencer Art Gallery, Broad St., Charleston, SC 
At recent public events I've twice heard Mayor Riley being introduced as Our Nation's Mayor. He is Charleston's mayor but since we've been fortunate to have him in office for almost forty years I think we can generously share him now.

This New York Times article asks Is Joe Riley is the Most Loved Politician in American? We may not all agree with everything he has done but most of us were comforted by the fact he was still in office to help steer Charleston through the recent violence. Thank you Mayor Riley. He has been the mayor since I have lived in the city and I have felt very fortunate. It is still hard to believe we will need to consider new candidates for the role. Big shoes to fill!

28 June 2015

Flowers grow to the sun

Charleston, SC  
I am calling on my lowcountry sleuths to solve this one for me. What is the white floral object on the peak of the roof? A friend of mine from the upstate noticed it when she was visiting Charleston so I tracked it down myself this morning. The bottom photo shows the enlargement and it really does look like a flower. What do you think?


Jiggety Joggety

Joggling Board, Hopsewee Plantation, SC 
I haven't added to my joggling board sightings recently so here are a couple of shots to start the morning. This joggling board is on the grounds of Hopsewee Plantation up the coast from Charleston on the way to Georgetown.

A joggling or jostling board is a long, pliable board that is supported on each end by wooden stands. The board is springy and a person sitting on it can easily bounce up and down. Sources differ on the origination; its usage in the Lowcountry of South Carolina around Charleston in the early 19th century is however rather well-documented. Traditionally, it is painted Charleston green. The joggling board's popularity has slowly been coming back, mostly as decorations on lawns and front porches.

27 June 2015

You say Tomayto, I say Tomahto

Tomato Pie Recipe Contest, Mixson Market, North Charleston
It is tomato pie season!

I don't know which one won the contest but I snuck in to see the contestants lined up. I hope I got a picture that includes the recipe. These look a lot more elaborate that the recipe I use. So far none of the juicy Johns Island tomatoes I have got my hands on have jumped straight into my mouth.

Brunch at Basico

26 June 2015

Blue & White Day

Charleston Strong, Charleston, SC  
What a week, what a day!

Dreadful sorrow to inspiring and uplifting eulogies. I've been consumed with sadness for days and yet this evening I can't stop smiling. I admit to doing the minimal amount of work today. I had the live viewing of the funeral services for Reverend Clementa Pinckney minimized on my desktop and tried to work around it. By the time President Obama gave the eulogy I stopped pretending.

Watch what I and so many people watched and if you don't listen to the entire speech at least fast forward to the last few minutes and hear our President break into singing Amazing Grace.

Thanks to everyone who participated in Blue & White Friday in solidarity and to those who dropped off donations to Mother Emanuel AME Church.