25 May 2015

Patriotic display on Lockwood Blvd.

Memorial Day 2015, Lockwood Blvd., Charleston SC 
Thanks to the Evening Exchange Club for this annual patriotic display of flags on Memorial Day. I'd like to think a perfect day like this was what soldiers had in mind that felt worth fighting and giving up their lives for. Let's treasure, honor and protect it in their memory.

My mother was in the Royal Canadian Air Force stationed in London during World War II and her brothers, my uncles, were both pilots. My family was fortunate and they all came back alive. My mother's role was to gather information on lost and injured soldiers to notify families of their loss. I can't even imagine what a heartbreaking job that must have been and the gift those soldiers gave that we might enjoy days like this.

24 May 2015

Dance like everyone is watching

Marion Square, Charleston, SC
These dancers put on a show most Saturdays during the Farmer's Market season but drew a big crowd yesterday since it is the beginning of the Spoleto Festival. Almost as much as the performers, I enjoy watching the delight on faces of the other performers as they admire the stunts and wait for their turn. I try to make a big show of dropping a donation in the bucket to encourage everyone else to support the team.

Marion Square, Charleston, SC
Marion Square, Charleston, SC 

23 May 2015

John C. Calhoun just wanna have fun!

John C. Calhoun Balloon Ride, Charleston, SC
John C. Calhoun can't resist having fun with the Spoleto festival props and I can't resist documenting it. Check the back files to see his antics.

Hope everyone is having a good holiday weekend.

22 May 2015

Owling good time!

These aren't sharp photos but I was so tickled to get them I can't care about the quality. My birdfeeder has been a popular spot lately and the bear's head has become a landing pad before they dart in for dinner. I thought I'd hang out in the back yard for awhile and see if I could capture a cardinal on the bear's head.

I'll need to get a bit closer and before dusk but not only did I catch the little splash of red but look what landed right after him - an owl! This was fun. I need to set up a tripod and get a little closer.

21 May 2015

Teeny, tiny houses of the lowcountry

Tiny cottage, Bluffton, SC
This one is a cutie to add to our collection of teeny, tiny houses. I spotted it behind an impressive mansion in Bluffton. I spotted a steam of maids going in to clean the main house but it wouldn't take much to keep this little sweetie in order.

I am fat and full after a giant Fish Pie at Madra Rua and I have plenty of leftovers for tomorrow.

My favorite garden: Free admission to Magnolia will be offered on Memorial Day, Monday, May 25, to active duty military personnel and their immediate family. This gift to those who serve America only applies to the general garden admission and not the separate tours of the house, swamp garden, nature boat, nature train and "Slavery to Freedom" program. Valid active duty identification is required.

Now I get to settle in and watch the last David Letterman show since I didn't stay up that late last night.

19 May 2015

Church Photo in Lieu of Attendance - Old Navy Chapel

Location of the Navy Chapel, Charleston, SC
Waaaa.....see those brick steps? That is all that is left of the old Navy Chapel. It was on my list of renovation projects to be completed when I won the lottery. Too late. It is gone. See below for what used to be there. It was in worse shape each time I visited. I've heard that it was dismantled to be reassembled somewhere else but I don't know where yet and am hoping for the best. Hang on kids, I'll buy another lottery ticket and take care of it.

Prom time!

Tunnel Road
Years of paint. The most recent artist gets attention for their message until someone else paints over it. I took my life in my hands getting the pictures hoping no one would race through the tunnel as I focused my camera. Alyssa loves Gregory, Bradley loves Amanda, I love Ken. I wonder how many of the couples are still together. Long live the moment!

18 May 2015

Zoom, zoom, zoom!

South Battery, Charleston, SC
Zoom, zoom, zoom! Isn't this a cutie?!

I parked on the Battery and walked the lower peninsula yesterday morning. It was a glorious Charleston morning. The oleanders are in bloom and the sky was dramatic. I reached for my heavy camera and kicked myself when I discovered I had left the battery charging. I never do that! I always take one picture of either my office or my kitchen just to make sure everything is working - except yesterday. Grrrr.

Everything was so very fine that I took a few shots with my cell phone. I couldn't resist capturing that cute little car on South Battery. The other shot I took as usual but my phone took some freelance editing priviledges and turned it into what looks like a vintage postcard.

Interesting note - when I first came to Charleston, I rented the kitchen house behind the house in the top picture for a year. I did not have a car like that.

I am just back from a quick walk around the neighborhood to balance sitting on my butt in front of a computer half the day at work. I showed a couple of kids the step counter on my phone and they skipped along with me as far as they were allowed watching the numbers climb and then made me promise to circle the block to see how many steps I had added, and then again. I got my 10,000!

16 May 2015

Still Life with Yak

Bedside Yak Attack
I picked up this lamp for $11 at Consign Charleston this morning and it found a spot on an end table by the little black yak. I travel lightly and don't bring much back but this odd mini yak came all the way home with me from the mountains of northern India. He is a long way from home and now has a lamp to snuggle up to.


Old Hobbies

Stamp collection, Charleston, SC 
I was cramming a few books into a bookshelf today and came across one of my old stamp albums. Does anyone collect stamps anymore?

My grandfather liked the fact that I was interested and sent me some of his old collection of British, Canadian and South African stamps. I have some of the silk and 3D stamps from Bhutan, Bangladesh when it was still East Pakistan and some cool tiny triangle stamps. I don't think my collection is worth much in dollars but it is a fond childhood memory.